Will Winter is a freelance illustrator, artist and designer based in London.

Will creates artwork and designs that both reflect and shape the ever-evolving landscape of youth culture through his striking hand drawn graphics and collages which portray incisive observations about his generation's relationship with sex, drugs, music and social media.

He has designed streetwear, album art, clothing and logos as well as holding exhibitions in London and Brighton. Collaborations include work with Brighton’s infamous streetwear brand, Pear Shaped, along with work for Normanton Street and an upcoming collaboration with Raff Law’s Something to Hate On (SHO) and a feature in a project with Unknown London.

Will also fuses his artwork with live music through his event platform "Shades" which provides a platform for emerging UK grime and Hip Hop artists through their sell-out events in London and Brighton. 

Bespoke design services are also available, which include logo design, clothing design and illustration, all of which are competitively priced with a quick turnaround (dependant on the project in question).

Take some time to visit the online store and float through to Will’s Instagram and Twitter: @will__winter.


Any requests or questions please email: will@will-winter.com